Jon Chesbro, President

I have been a member of Emmaus Lutheran Church since 2013 and I am currently serving as the President of the congregation.  [read more...]

Rob Moore, Vice President

I am currently pursuing a Ph.D in Comparative Literature at the University of Oregon, [read more...]

Janell Schoellhorn, Council Secretary

I have been a member of Emmaus for over 20 years [read more...]

Eric Carlson, Learning

My name is Eric Carlson and I'm the learning representative for the Emmaus church council. [read more...]

Deena Frosaker, Witness

Having resided in Eugene for 36 years, I feel very fortunate to have found such a special community and a friendly congregation. [read more...]

Herb Koppermann, Support

I have been a member of Emmaus since 2012. [read more...]

Heidi Stolp, Worship

I am the Emmaus representative to Council from the Worship Ministry. [read more...]

Peter Kugler, Service

I have lived in Eugene since about 1965.  I am retired after ten years of building homes and 30 years working with the city of Eugene. [read more...]