Easter worship - altarJane Batterson, Congregation Council Liaison
Pastor Rachel Langford
Dan Smith, Organist/Pianist
Heidi Stolp, Liturgical Arts
Brent Anderson, Choir Director
Kristi Wilde, Communion Set Up

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The Worship Ministry facilitates a welcoming, meaningful & faithful environment through music, prayer, and liturgy. 

We encourage lay involvement with opportunities to serve during worship as lectors, ushers, acolytes, and communion assistants.  There are also opportunities to serve with your gifts through liturgical art, choir and instrumental music.



During worship we encourage all children to be a part of our worship services. We offer a child friendly space in the sanctuary where kids can play quietly, color, or work on crafts.


Emmaus is a church that loves music and we offer a variety of music during worship.  Our adult choir sings each Sunday and rehearses each Wednesday evening.  Choir members are know for socializing after choir rehearsal.


When you worship with us you will experience a Lutheran liturgy. (Liturgy means “work of the people.”) The form of the liturgy has been shaped over hundreds of years and by millions of Christians, and it connects us to them all as we worship. The liturgy follows these four basic elements:

Coming together with song and prayer

Hearing the Word of God in scripture and preaching, and responding to it in prayer

Sharing the sacrament of holy communion during which ALL are welcome at the table of the Lord

Going forth to serve the Lord with a blessing and song