Elva Duvall, Congregation Council Liaison

The Property Ministry is part of the Support Ministry and is responsible for the care of all physical property and the grounds of Emmaus.

Elva’s Raiders

The Raiders, a group of volunteers, take care of the majority of the landscaping and routine building maintenance in and around the church. The Raiders meet each Wednesday morning at 8:30. Everyone is welcome to come and help the Raiders on Wednesdays!

Once a year, in the spring, the Raiders organize an all church work party to clean up both the inside and outside of the church.

Current Raiders:

Darrian Wilde

Ronnie Towne

Kamden Vega

Kristi Wilde

Arne Berglund

Elva Duvall

Joe Cavanagh

Peter Kugler

Jay Knight

Stephen Palmer

Larry Strickland

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